March 2019   
Bible Search

This is our reading list for this summer!


The Boxcar Children is from The Alden Family Mysteries and it is based on The Adventures of Four Siblings who are looking for a place to live in..I have put the picture cover of the book to help you find it. On, they sell the book for a really good price but you may also use other sources. You can type the title each book and that will help find websites that sell them.  

1. The Boxcar Children


I will be posting questions about the book which need to be answer in a complete sentence.  Also, I want the students to make a 3D model of the boxcar in the story "The Boxcar Children". It does not have to be big just a regular size model. All this must be turn in the first day of school.

Along with their drawings and questions they will be required to make an About Me Collage. It will be on half a poster board. They can put pictures of their family, of things they like, they can put ticket stubs of movies they saw in the summer, or things collected from trips in the summer etc. In the middle of the poster they can put a picture of themselves. They will take their collage to school on the first day, or if they have it ready before Meet the Teacher Night, they can take it then. I encourage you and your child to have fun while making this collage! 

revised July 2018