School Supply List - 2017-2018


2017-2018 Supply List


New King James Bible (REQUIRED)

1  1/2 in.(one and a half)  3-ring binder with front/back clear pocket inserts (any color)

1 pkg Avery-Big Tab Pocket Insertables (5 tabs) with two sided pockets

4 pkgs. loose notebook paper (wide rule)

2 composition notebooks for Bible  (wide rule)

Black or Blue pens

colored pens for grading (NO red pens)

#2 pencils or mechanical pencils

1 sm pkg pencil top erasers

1 box of colored pencils

1 LONG plastic school box 

1 pencil pouch w/3 rings (to keep in binder)

1 Merriam Webster dictionary (comprehensive or the thick one)

1 medium size bottle of Germ-x

1 roll of paper towels

2 boxes of Kleenex tissue


                               Please label all items with your child's name. 




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