Cafeteria Program

HCA Hot Lunch Program



HCA Cafeteria Program is serving 

Breakfast Tacos!

7:15am-7:45am Only !

$1.25 per taco  (bacon and egg, chorizo and egg, potato and egg)

Cereal-only $.50  Waffles $.50

Strawberry or Banana Milkshakes $1.25 when available.

  Milk or Juice $.75


Every Friday pancakes will also be sold for $1.00 each 



  • Prepaid hot lunches may be purchased in the office.
  • Hot lunches are prepared on site daily.
  •   Milk may be purchased separately—without purchasing lunch.


A hot lunch program is available to all students. A monthly menu is sent home with your child so you may decide in advance which days your child wants to eat a hot lunch.


If a student is arriving late to school due to an appointment or illness, Please call the front desk by 9:00am if your child will be eating a hot lunch for that day.  Monthly calendar available.  Please click on the link below.



Hot lunch with milk costs $4.00

Milk cost $.75

Last Minute Lunch card : $4.75


Home Lunch


  • Sack lunches may be brought to school.
  • Students need to provide their own plastic spoons and forks (no knives please) and napkins.
  • Microwave heating is available.




Forgotten Home Lunches


Our policy is that lunches that are forgotten at home are to be brought directly to the front desk, not to the classroom, where such delivery can be disruptive to the instructional program. Please advise your children to check in the front desk any time they do not have their lunch.


Lunches will be provided to students who do not have them, though they may be different than the one on the daily menu.

Children who forget their lunch may charge lunch for one day, but will need to repay the cost the following day. Students cannot "charge" another lunch until payment is received.